uhhuh Is this one of Stark's?
Is this one of Stark's?
And he didn't invite me...

Aw, blog, no.


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DW +  The Doctor & The Master Favorite Moments



how the hell do i talk to people

Stand in front of them and press A

❝ His pointer finger circled my puckered love cave. ‘Are you ready for this?’ he mewled, smirking at me like a mother hamster about to eat her three-legged young. ❞


50 Shades of Grey

Next time you feel bad about your work, remember this shit got published

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Shortly after returning from Afghanistan, Tony learned Hungarian. He never told anyone why, but he thought Yinsen would appreciate it anyway.


((shows up late to meme with pizza and a stray dog))

hawkeyes + popular text posts

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I know I’m only a secondary character but I wish there was one thing I was really good at. Not just liking stuff, admiring other people’s skills but also creating and not just in this mediocre way.

review of “animal farm”


not a very good instructional guide on farming. would NOT recommend to first time farmers


This just in: Contrary to popular belief, “AU” does not mean “Stupid excuse to be OOC”


Steve desperately trying to high five Bucky in Captain America: The Winter Soldier




okay so I was re-reading parts of Hollow Your Bones Like A Bird (lbr, when am I not re-reading parts of the toasterverse) and I was thinking about Tony and Clint’s weird and wonderful friendship and how they are so similar and so different and how they parallel each other

and I was trying to fix in on what the main difference was, how they can be so similar and act so different - that things about them that are very much the same at the core are played out so differently when it hit me

Clint’s defence is to go small - to hide, to be quiet and not show himself

Tony’s is to be AS BIG AND LOUD AS POSSIBLE, shove everything in your face

and well, that’s the difference between abuse and neglect isn’t it

I like playing with their differing attitudes towards food as well.

Tony, who always had enough to eat, but seldom had family meals, is completely offhand about food.  He knows good food, but as often as not, we see him drinking his calories, through alcohol or smoothies.  He’s almost disinterested, except if he’s offering it (Strawberries with Pepper and Blueberries with Bruce) or it’s being offered to him (Pizza with Obie.)

He doesn’t consider it, he’s always had it and it means nothing.

Clint (assuming his comic back story) likely spent portions of his childhood hungry.  He always eats.  Because on some level, he’s never sure if he’s going to have it again.  And he provides food in my verse because that was something concrete that others did for him, that was affection that didn’t need to be spoken.

Or it was a basic need that he learned to interpret as affection because he was so desperate for it. 

I love it when I read character analysis and decomposition and it doesn’t smack me in the face with amazement, but I find myself nodding along and thinking, yes, obviously, this is perfectly obvious to me. Which must be why I never quite noticed it before.


This is a video made by colleen.A friends version of the avengers trailer.Hope everybody enjoy this video.

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